Thank you for all your excellent work on my website, blogs, conference materials, ads, and other business materials. I feel prepared in part because of you. People are going to look at the website, and they are going to be wowed. It’s good to know that everything hangs together on the site. I thank you for your help in this process–from developing a much needed style guide, to checking the links, to thinking through if there is too much or too little information in the content, to checking the grammar, etc. I appreciated how you went ahead and made changes directly on the site, as I requested, and how you reserved only the high level concerns on the side for us to go over during a conference call.  I now feel ready to announce the site to the world.  Thanks to you, I know that every detail has been addressed.

—             Principal, Fears Consulting & Training 

FOCUS did an outstanding job with this project. You were extremely professional, organized, and thorough. Because of your work, we have in our hands a comprehensive document which will allow us to formulate our marketing strategy.

—              Vice-President, LearningWare, Inc., Minneapolis

The report is clear, convincing, and very well written.  The quality of the writing in the report, as well as the lessons learned and recommendations for future directions drawn from the data, make the report a useful vehicle for disseminating information and future planning.

—              Program Coordinator, Minnesota Department of Children, Families & Learning

Claire Buchwald has excellent skills.  She can analyze extensive and complicated data and synthesize the information into an understandable, useful evaluation with clear directions for the future…She is a pleasure to work with. The final product she created for us was above and beyond expectation.. .her expertise in documentation and writing are top-quality.  Claire is diligent, thorough, and dependable.  She delivers a fine product in a timely manner and meets or exceeds all deadlines.

—             Founder, former Co-Director of PACER Center; Chair, Community  Research Committee

We were very impressed with the final report, which is exceptional in both its presentation and interpretation of data.

—              Editor, Minnesota History Magazine, Minnesota Historical Society

The Get Ready Program is pleased to have worked with Claire Buchwald to create 3 parent resource guidebooks for our program. The Get Ready Program serves 4th-7th grade low-income and minority students throughout the Twin Cities. . . Claire has a wonderful ability to write these books in a way that all parents of all demographics could understand.  Over the past year, we have been able to distribute these guidebooks to over 1200 students within the 7 schools that we serve.  We feel that we have been able to give them more knowledge and resources through these guidebooks than we ever had before.  We are hoping to re-print them and to continue to provide this wonderful resource for our parents.

—               Program Delivery Manager, Minnesota Office of Higher Educaiton

Claire Buchwald first got my attention when she was a young writer.  It is fitting that someone of her outstanding ability has become a successful researcher, writer, and evaluator.

–               Independent Education Consultant; former school director, principal, and teacher

•         Ms. Buchwald was instrumental in the achievement of the goals and activities of the grants office.  . . She worked closely with our web designer to create the GRO website located at http://www.grantsandresearchhelp.us.  Our website is rich with information helpful to school districts as they look for and write for grants.  Additionally, Claire created a database of information about the 26 districts involved with the GRO office, accessed through the website. . . She demonstrated strong writing skills.  She wrote clear, useful web content for the GRO office, in addition to program summaries and updates. She was an asset to GRO, and it was a privilege to work with her.  I highly recommend Claire Buchwald.  She brings creativity, dedication, and energy to her work.

–                Director of Educational Services, Intermediate School District

Claire Buchwald was hired by Tolerance Minnesota to work on a variety of projects including curriculum writing . . and grant writing.   Claire brought excellent writing and evaluation skills to our primary project [the creation of extensive Holocaust curriculum and teaching resources now used throughout Minnesota and the Dakotas].

–              Director of Tolerance Minnesota

As the state project manager for the RSIG project during this time, it was a pleasure working with Claire.  She listened to our needs and was flexible in providing quality service.  

–                Project Manager, Minnesota Department of Education 

I am happy to recommend Claire Buchwald for virtually any complex project you may have. I have known Claire for over fifteen years, and I can speak to her professionalism and high standards, both through our professional experiences together and through the friendship that has developed alongside these. Most recently, Claire has written the new Program Guide for Effective Alcohol-Use Prevention in Schools and Communities, published in September 2009 to accompany Hazelden’s second edition of the Project Northland curriculum.  I hired Claire to research and write this Program Guide and supervised her work, and I know it was an extremely challenging project. Claire quickly got up to speed on prevention education and community mobilization issues that were completely new to her, and she integrated these into a valuable resource for experts in the field. This involved a great deal of information-gathering, including much reading and several extensive interviews. Claire also created interactive cd-rom resources to facilitate the job of program implementation for school administrators and community leaders. Project Northland is Hazelden Publishing’s flagship prevention program. It is complex and challenging. Claire’s work makes this program accessible and clearly highlights its many strengths. Claire Buchwald’s strengths are many. She is highly intelligent, ethical, capable, good-natured, and dedicated to producing quality results that meet the needs of her customers.

–                 Publications Editor, Hazelden Publications


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